So you’re looking to train for a new career? Let us help you

You may be reading this page because you’re experiencing the void that redundancy has left in your life, or maybe you’ve just survived the latest corporate cull and want to get some ideas before you’re next in line.

Maybe you’ve achieved all your goals and want go to the next level, if only you knew what that might be? It could be that you are just fed up, and wonder how you ever ended up in your current job.

Begin your new life with a change of career

Well if you’re standing at the career crossroads wondering where to go next and you don’t want your next step to be as risky and random as a game of roulette – read on! It’s easy at the moment to get disheartened because the job market isn’t so hot, but that makes structured career planning even more important. Click here.

The ancient Chinese Philosopher Confucius said ‘Find a job you enjoy and you’ll never work a day in your life‘ so, continue reading and follow our tips on changing career pathways.

How can we help you?

Cathedral Group helps guide you to the best places that provides courses that allows you to the skills and qualifications to embark on an exciting and rewarding new career.

We have successfully helped over 3,500 people in the last year who wanted to change their lives by guiding them to the right pathway. Contact us.

Forget about career crossroads, begin your beauty career today

The beauty industry is by no means dropping in interest. It is more popular than ever and this being said, more people are beginning to train in this sector to become a professional.  Semi permanent makeup is one part of the industry that is growing at a rapid rate. See courses.

Training courses should be fast, innovate and effective in ensuring you are confident in beginning your new career as a permanent makeup artist. You should learn all relevant skills and knowledge that allow you to start your business in such a competitive market.

Courses start around £3,000 to £6,000, depending on the skills you wish to gain. You can choose from standard plus where you learn all aesthetic skills training to advanced medical where you learn both aesthetics and medical workshops.