It is increasingly difficult to compete, whether locally or worldwide. Major corporations are fully aware of the benefits good training can bring, but smaller businesses often are not…

Training can produce immediate results, but does not need to be overly expensive in comparison to the benefits received. Our workshops and courses, whist highly effective, are realistically priced and can be delivered  “In-house”, which as you will be aware is very cost effective as there is no need to arrange and pay for travel or accommodation.  This provides an economical alternative way for you to meet the continuing personal development needs of your staff.

All courses are run by highly qualified trainers with years of experience in the subject areas being taught. Not just academics, but people with real-world knowledge that can be brought to bear on your industry, your needs, your areas of concern.

Courses can be run anywhere in the UK, as long as a suitable venue is available. If required customised courses can be run on your company premises as long as sufficient numbers are available.

A single person or larger numbers can be sent to any of our open courses. Minimum delegate requirement for on-site training is 10.