Cathedrals Group now offers our clients IIY

IT Consultancy

Having the right approach to IT Consultancy is as important as getting the right skills to do the job. From experience, we have found that we understand exactly where your business is now and where it is going, how your staff work and operate are just some of the important parts of the puzzle we need in providing solutions such as:

  • Evaluate and improve existing infrastructure
  • Increase client retention
  • Reduce the hassle of daily activity through data cabling optimisation. More.
  • Optimise access to information and information flow
  • Increase staff productivity

We are fully aware of how to approach all challenges with realistic budget and constraints set, which is why we have all the skills in-house to help create a solution to any IT Consultancy need.

IT Security

IT Security has become evidently more important due to the nature of hackers targeting small businesses due to the ease of access to your critical data making you an easy target.

Having the skills or time to address this issue is almost impossible with the ever-changing algorithms and loopholes to gain access to your information. Employing someone directly would just not be cost-effective so what are your options.

Cathedrals Group specialise in managing Small to Medium sized businesses with all their internal and external IT Security needs by providing you with a team of highly skilled IT Security Engineers who work daily keeping intruders away from your critical information and providing you peace.

Cathedrals Group’s IT Security Engineers make it their business to stay current with all the latest IT Security threats and then making sure your business is safe from these using the tools and skills available to them.