Our academic and professional vision

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Our academic and professional vision
At The Cathedral Groul , we are dedicated to preparing our students to understand the local, national and global components of our modern social order. The staff and faculty fellows of London School of Accountancy & Management are committed to providing the kind of learning environment which helps our students confront two of the key issues facing higher education – globalisation and leadership.
We further believe that each student is a potential leader, and so work to provide an environment in which students learn to assume significant roles in their collegiate community before doing so in their local, national, and global ones of the future.
Whether it is through internships, mentoring fellow students, serving as a resident advisor, tutor, or leader in student organisations, students are encouraged to participate actively in the life of the School, and to foster their leadership skills.
Becoming a more integral part of its larger community is also a critical component of  The Cathedral Group’s vision.  
In addition to these traditional opportunities, the School also now offers a minor in organizational leadership designed to give students both theoretical understanding and practical training in this area.
“My guarantee is simple because l believe in the quality of our training and believe passionately in our student’s success. l will never profit from failure.”


Objective & Mission
To continue to attract and develop the most able students and staff world-wide.
To develop our range of academic activities to meet the changing needs of society, industry and healthcare.
To establish our Business School as one of the leading in the world.
To establish our Computer School as one of the leading in the world.
To establish our Accounts School as one of the leading in the world.